Abstract Submission

The deadline for abstracts submission has passed.

Poster abstracts only (oral presentations are full) may be sent until the end of April 2017. 

Oral and poster presentations will be chosen by the International Scientific Committee by the end of April. 

  • Abstracts (including title and authors) must be no more than one page in length (body text max 300 words).
  • Author listing must include affiliations and presenting author should be underlined (10-point type).
  • Contact email of presenting author only should be provided.
  • You may use images/tables/graphs but the abstract must not exceed one page. Abstracts (text file, eg .doc) with images/tables/graphs only should be sent to email woodyroot7@ut.ee, however keep the file size less than 5MB.
  • Abstracts  (including title and authors) with plain text should be forwarded through current website.
  • For citations abbreviate journal titles, list up to 3 authors only (including for book editors), or otherwise use 3 authors followed by et al. Citation of 'on-line' and 'in press' publications is acceptable with provision of web address and/or doi number (in parenthesis). Do not include papers as 'submitted'.