Water acquisition and nutrient uptakeWater acquisition and nutrient uptake are key functions of roots. In this session, we welcome studies that address specific environmental controls on water acquisition and nutrient uptake in roots. We encourage novel contributions from process-oriented studies, but also experimental manipulations from molecular to landscape or plot scale including approaches related to root system anatomy and architecture, including deep roots and root grafting’s as well as root hydraulic conductance and regulative role of root symbionts or aquaporin’s.  
Roots, global change and ecosystem servicesThe session includes studies looking at root responses to climate change factors including temperature, variability in precipitation, humidity and elevated CO2. Studies that link root responses such as shifts in root phenology to ecosystem services including soil carbon sequestration and soil CO2 flux partitioning are particularly encouraged. We would also encourage submissions stressing for the deeper understanding of root response to tree species diversity and forest management in changing climate. 
Linking root functioning and belowground biodiversityThe session includes studies stressing roots and their associated microbial communities and outlining their contribution to root function. We welcome contributions about root foraging/functioning, mediated by belowground food-web organism diversity and ecosystem productivity together with examples of how reduction of soil biodiversity leads to decreases in root and ecosystem function. 
Macroecology of roots and root biotaThis session invites for a dialogue researchers examining regional and global patterns of distribution of roots and root-associated biota. We welcome in-depth studies on mechanisms underpinning co-existence of roots and rhizosphere organisms along environmental gradients as well as large scale assessments of root and rhizosphere organism biodiversity. Contributions shedding light on relationships between ecological processes in the rhizosphere and large–scale terrestrial biogeochemical processes as especially encouraged.         
Belowground assimilate allocationKey topics of this session are root and mycorrhizas biomass, production and turnover, root exudates. We would also encourage submissions investigating both negative and positive priming, and the role of soil biota in SOM turnover.  
Root traits, models, conceptsThere is an ongoing effort to create a root trait database, concepts and models specifically asking questions related to ecosystem processes in changing environments. 

The session 'Macroecology of roots and root biota' and its oral and poster presentations have been merged with the session 'Linking root functioning and belowground biodiversity'.